Bruce Fenton

…so obviously you are a terrorist and deserve to be hunted down and killed. #derplomacy
Link excerpt:
If you are a 33 year old man in Iraq you were bombed by America at age 9, 10 and 22. When you were born the US supported a strongman dictator named Saddam and his rule because he fought Iran, who the US used to support before that. Growing up you had food limitations because of US sanctions.
If you have a 10 year old daughter she’s been bombed her entire life with many using 9-11 as the excuse…. an event which her country had nothing to do with and which happened before she was born.
If you have a 7 year old son, some are still using Saddam as an excuse when he died before the boy was born. Today you are told there will be more bombings to bomb the people called ISIS who the US has also previously funded. The last four presidents of the US have all announced bombings of your country despite Iraq never attacking the US.


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