Bruce Fenton

Bruce gets some of this wrong.
But that just reiterates the point.
Link excerpt:
We backed the Mujaheddin in the 70s and 80s because they were fighting Russia who was our enemy and is now our freind but kind of enemy. The Mujahideen became the Taliban who we built caves for and then they spun into Al Qaeda who was credited with attacking us in 9-11. This was led by a guy in Afghanistan who hid out in Pakistan. In response we bombed and attacked a guy in Iraq, 1000 miles away named Saddam who spoke a different language than Pakistan but not a different language from bin Laden who came from our ally Saudi Arabia, but Osama wasn’t an ally of our ally because he was mad that last time we invaded Iraq Saudi didn’t let him help defend them.
Now Saddam also used to be our freind and we gave him weapons to fight Iran who is Shia. Then Sadam became our enemy when he invaded Kuwait and threatened to invade Saudi Arabia who is our freind and who is Sunni. Because they are Sunni and supported the rebellion against Assad in Syria, who used to be our freind, we supported the rebels, then supported the government, then supported the rebels again and gave them weapons and arms. These guys used these weapons and arms and morphed into ISIS who we started to supoort and now don’t support. Meanwhile Hamas and Hezbolah also fought Sadam’s army with us but we’re also our enemy because they are allied with Iran who used to be our freind when we placed the Shah in power but who now isn’t our freind.
Make sense?


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